This blog is document of, well, linguistics stuff. It doesn’t aim to be authoritative or even especially original. It’s a mish-mash of language-related topics I come across that are interesting, exciting, weird and/or confusing. Sorta like a journal, but with less teenage angst and more IPA symbols.

For the past two years I’ve worked as an Assistant Language Teacher in Mie-ken, Japan. Now, however, I’ve returned to my hometown with the long-term goal of doing my Master’s – in linguistics, naturally – at Victoria University of Wellington. No doubt you’ll be hearing more about that here.

My research interests are phonetics, phonology and speech prosody. Recently, I’ve been looking into the intonational phonology of Sāmoan, continuing work started in my Honours year.

When not writing posts for this site, I can be found drinking coffee, listening to rap music and messing around with computers.

Email: mhoward [æt] mailbox [dɒt] org

Twitter: @fumbling_blog

Mastodon: @fumbling